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MPT’s Fall Newsletter

October 29, 2012

Click here:  MPT’s Fall 2012 Newsletter 

Knowing that active nonviolence is always our MPT focus, how do we keep on doing the good work with informed action in community, and with commitment in the face of obstacles? And secondly: What are effective ways of overcoming our own, our community’s, our world’s sense of hopelessness, paralysis, atomization, apathy and cynicism?

This Fall 2012 Newsletter offers the following answers to those questions:

  • Some Tools for the Long Haul – Peter Dougherty (pg. 1)
  • A Noble Difference – Annette Thomas (2-3)
  • Where There Is Apathy, Let Us Bring Hope – Albert F.J. Kreitz (3)
  • This is It!: Experiencing Beloved Community – Kim Redigan (4)
  • Seeing the Other  – Kristie Guerrero-Taylor (5)
  • The Outcome Is Not In Our Hands – Sandra Schneiders, IHM (6)
  • Cynicism & Community – Lydia Wylie-Kellermann (7)
  • Making a Difference, Moment by Moment – Paula Marie (8)
  • Nonviolence Training (8)
  • Peace Teams and the Fall 2012 Peace Team (9)
  • Growing Community Events – Elizabeth Walters, IHM (10-11)
  • Help Continue the Dream (12)

MPT’s Summer Newsletter: Accompanying Mexico in Peace

September 27, 2012

CLICK HERE:  17_MPT_Summer_2012_Newsletter

Featuring these articles:  

  • MPT with the Mayans of Chiapas, Mexico  By Peter Dougherty
  • MPT Accompanying the People of Juarez  By Elizabeth Walters, IHM
  • Birth of Mexico’s Peace Movement  By Amy Smetana
  • Opportunities
  • Take Action!
  • Support
  • Centro Santa Catalina
  • Be the Change You Want to Happen –
  • Get Involved in MPT
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