About Michigan Peace Team


Michigan Peace Team (MPT) empowers people to engage in active nonviolent peacemaking.  MPT was started in 1993, in response to the growing need for civilian peacemakers both in the U.S. and     abroad.   We offer nonviolence training workshops and provide opportunities to join peace teams.  We seek a just world grounded in nonviolence and respect for the sacred interconnectedness of all life.

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  1. Helen M. Casey Center for Nonviolence

    An association of Dick & Marge Darger and George & Jeanne Lound Schaller

    1718 Patterson Rd. Midland, MI 48640
    989-832-7876 jgschall@charter.net

    We promote the practice of nonviolence as a way of life at personal, local, state, national & global levels.

    Dear Friends,

    Midland Michigan’s Helen M. Casey Center for Nonviolence (HMCCNV) is looking ahead to 2011 when Mel Duncan,co-founder of the Nonviolent Peaceforce (NP) based in Minneapolis and Brussels, will speak in Midland to kick off our 6th annual NP fundraiser.

    NP is an on-the-ground sign of HOPE internationally with field teams in Sri Lanka and the Philippines. Areas under exploration are Sudan, Honduras, and South Caucasus. This is the world’s only paid, civilian, professionally trained unarmed peacekeeping force and is composed of global teams who work to establish dialogue among conflicting parties, and who partner with local groups to address the causes of conflict. (www.nonviolentpeaceforce.org)

    Funding is needed to maintain current teams and to grow new ones. Even though the cost of building peace is miniscule compared to financing war*, as requests for NP field teams grow, the annual training/deployment budget increases.


    We encourage you to mark your calendar early and to spread the word about SATURDAY, MAY 14, 2011, in hopes that members of your organization will join us in welcoming Mel to Midland.

    We also invite you to participate in our year-long “A Portion for Peace” effort. Do you already have an annual fundraiser? If so, might you designate a portion of it for NP? Or is there another way that your group could support this effort, e.g. getting youth to walk for peace, invite members to donate one day’s pay in 2011, donate money saved by fasting or by consuming less, or have a local sale of artwork or a dance or picnic for peace. The possibilities are endless. The portion you would then donate to NP doesn’t have to be large. All efforts will be greatly appreciated, and our combined efforts will say a loud and clear “YES!” to peace through peaceful strategies and practices.

    “Whatever we do may seem insignificant, but it is most important that we do it.” Gandhi

    Please channel all money through our Center by writing checks to NP and mailing them to 1718 Patterson Rd. Midland, MI 48640.

    Thank you,
    Jeanne Lound Schaller Marge Darger

    * Compared to war, peace is cheap! For the same dollars spent every four minutes by the world’s militaries, Nonviolent Peaceforce could send 2,000 well-trained, professional peacekeepers into a war zone for an entire year.

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